AIMSCLOUD/Structures is a software system tailor made for the management of Bridges, Large Culverts and other Structures. The system is based upon the Queensland – Transport and Main Roads – Structure Inspection Manual (2016).

The Software includes all aspects of Level 1, 2 and 3 inspection requirements. It stores inventory, condition status, maintenance schedules, Timber Drill reporting and Scour Sounding information. The system will analyse trend information and forecast future inspection requirements


Custom Stormwater Drainage Inspection software, designed to the IPWEA NAMS – “Product Note 5 – Stormwater Drainage”. The software features GIS/GPS capabilities to record and log defects and maintenance actions for all types of Stormwater Infrastructure. The system is a graphical connection to the AIMSCLOUD – POLE hardware .


The AIMSCLOUD system utilises revolutionary Digital technology and links to the SIM DRAINAGE software Interface. The hardware comprises up to 4mp imagery with 30x Optical zoom. Location information is recorded via RTK GPS with upto a 20mm accuracy. All information is recorded wirelessly to the SIM DRAINAGE system for graphical display and condition information.

Bridge Camera


SIM Mobile is a streamlined version of SIM Bridge and SIM Drainage. Mobile is optimised for data entry in the field. The system has been developed in HTML5 and will run on any HTML5 capable device. The system will also link to the various SIM hardware such as SIM POLE and SIM Bridge to further expand on these units capabilities.